Funny Happy Birthday Quotes { Latest HD Images }

Funny Birthday Quotes :-

Here is best and latest Funny Happy Birthday Quotes { Latest HD Images }, You can Enjoy Your boy/girl, lover or family birthday with These most Funny birthday quotes. Enjoy and share

1:- To my husband.. As it’s your birthday, I m going to take over all your household duties for the day…

2:- it’s my birthday and i am going to stop being better about it.

3:- There a lot of famous people born on your birthday, to bad you aren’t one. may you grow wiser this year. Happy Birthday,,,,

4:-two tips on  your birthday. 1 is Forget the past you won’t change it and 2nd is forget the present, you didn’t get you one. Happy Birthday My Dear.

5:- some one special is having a birthday.

6:- I am not an alcoholic, i only drink two times a year. On my birthday and when it’s not my birthday.

7:- You Know you are getting old, when you and your teeth no sleep together. Wishing you happy birthday.

8:- it’s been scientifically proven that, Those who have more birthday live longer.

9:-Just think not you are one step closer to the senior citizen discount at the movies. Happy birthday.

10:- Happy birthday troy OLD MAN!!! happy here, 13 year since the divorce. 

11:-” Ohh dammmmnnmn, It’s your Birthday!” ” so will there be cake?”

12:-  Happy birthday handsome, You may be getting OLD. But look on the brightside.

13:- Remember age gets beet with wine. Happy Birthday to you friend.

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